Following these simple rules, any woman can easily stand out from the crowd, emphasize  her natural benefits and attract more attention to her personality. Want to know them? Then these 7 rules are for you!

# 1. Red color in clothes or red lips have always demonstrated a special attitude. It is a special signal for men. Subconsciously, they pay attention to a woman in a red dress. Men have the same attitude towards red lipstick. It makes the face bright and focus attention on the lips, making them the main element on the face. Moreover, red lipstick is a classic thing and it matches almost every outfit.

# 2. A classic manicure shows how much woman cares about herself. Short or medium length is perfect for a lady style. It is better to forget about long fake nails. Pay attention to the colour as well, don’t choose to bright tons. Better to be more restrained, choosing calm pastel tones or pick up red, which is considered the eternal classic.

# 3. The waist-hips ratio is what men pay attention to. The ideal ratio 7:10. Subconsciously, men prefer women with wide hips and a narrow waist. Although they will never say it is true. They make this choice on instinct level, as such body structure represents the best  female shape.

# 4. There is also a secret rule considering clothes. Woman should always have a tiny secret, that man wants to know. When choosing a blouse made of transparent fabric or with a deep neckline, think about combining it with trousers or jeans. And for short shorts or a high-slit skirt, better choose a modest top. This will allow the keep your outlook elegant. Be sure to have all the attention you want.

# 5. Female voice is another opportunity to boost your personal attractiveness. Studies have shown that men find a higher female voice more attractive. It is associated with a young girl, adds femininity and means that a woman has a high level of oestrogen.

# 6. Well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair are always in tend. As a rule, men consider women with long hair more attractive. Long hair symbolize women’s health, vitality and fertility. And yet, long hair makes the oval of the face more pretty. Natural hair color is the best choice. Men mostly love natural beauty, meaning that it is better to forget about pink and green colours, leaving it for teenagers.

# 7. White teeth and a wide smile are what men always pay attention to. It is important to keep the white balance without overdoing your teeth. Don’t think that the whiter means the better. The trend is natural color and healthy look.

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