Prince Harry and Megan stepped down as senior royals

Yes, you have read it right, it is confirmed that Prince Harry and Megan has stepped down of being senior royals. There is a sort of ‘American Revolution’ that is going on among the royal family and Megan is the center of it.

With the stepped down of being senior royal members of the royal family, both have said goodbye to most of the royal privileges and responsibilities. Here is the question arises that why it all happens?

The decision of Prince Harry was a bit odd and to normalize the decision Queen Elizabeth II issued a statement that both Harry and Megan will remainthe most loving member of the royal family. She has recognized the experience they have been facing and faced because of scrutiny over the last two years.

She also supported the wish of both of them for more normalcy and an independent future. But wait, what does ‘independent future’ exactly means? Nevertheless, we will discuss what Prince Harry and Megan can’t do after stepping down.


No Guarantee for the Estate Funds

The biggest side effect of stepping down to Prince Harry and Megan is that there is no guarantee that they can access the funds generated by the royal estates. Nearly 95% of Harry and Megan’s income come from Duchy of Cornwall, which is a private state run by Prince Charles and is worth over £1 billion. Charles grant Prince Harry and William income from the estate each year.

After stepping down they may not able to receive any income from Charles’ estate. But it’s up to Prince Charles. How he decided to give funds of Dutchy Cornwall to His son.

Can’t Access Sovereign Grant Money

Sovereign grant money is the income that is received by royal family members as a salary of their royal duties. Prince Harry and Megan previously received an income from the Sovereign Grant Money, which made up to 5% of the total income.

As both are not performing any royal duty, it is obvious that they will not receive the money from Sovereign Grant Money. But as American Politicians, Prince Harry and Megan have royal wealth more than their designated salary.

After the death of Princess Diana, Harry inherited $16 million from her. While Megan had the estimated worth of $5 million before she tied a knot with Harry. Of course, there is no comparison between their royal salary and million-dollar assets, which is just a bucket in their wealth.

They have to pay to live in Frogmore Cottage

It has been announced that Prince Harry and Megan will not live in the beautiful Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage. They were living there for free as a senior member and the property is owned by the Queen. Furthermore, both have announced their intention to pay back $3 million taxpayer money which was spent to renovate the property.

Can’t Participate in Royal Rota 

Stepping down as senior member is not a sudden move for sure by Prince Harry and Megan and they have stepped out because of overwhelming coverage by the Press to the couple. Royal Rota is a Press pool that covers the British Royals and every senior member is to obligate to participate in the event.

The access to the royal family’s photos is access for further publication. Now Harry and Megan don’t remain a senior royal member, they can’t participate in Royal Rota and will have complete control over their personalimages.

Wrapping Up

Stepping down by Prince Harry and His wife seems to be a very planned and deterministic decision at their side. But it is a bit stir for the public that they don’t want to be the part of the royal family and wants to live a more independent life in Canada. The itchiest question is how they will manage their finances by leaving out royal luxuries.

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