Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our treasure to keep

Working with really specific goods made us very alarmed of collecting and keeping private clients’ information. Most men with intimate problems tend for staying confidentially protected with buying necessary potency improvement medications online so we follow all recommendations of saving personal data & protecting it from any type of damaging or losing.

Our clients choose our online medical store because they’re completely sure that we will keep them confidentially protected and use their personal information for processing their orders and only for that purpose. Still we share your delivery information with trusted delivery partners to provide clients with suitable delivery methods – usual and express delivery.

Our ways of data protection

All information user shows on our website is being processing with SSL-encoding so it cannot be passed with fishing or lost. We follow all existing prescriptions of safe collecting and storing of personal data so buyers are sure in its safety and reliable protection. We help our clients to stay absolutely anonymous with purchasing potency enhancers.

Specific products require specific safety measures

We offer all effective preparations for potency improvement without prescription for it since we really understand your desire of avoiding embarrassment during having appointment at medical office. We know those preparations are in demand among men who’re using those for years and clearly don’t need another prescription for well-known and used product.

Clients choose us because this service is great for patients who prefer getting necessary medications rapidly and keep own sexual dysfunction in secret. We support you and offer comfortable service you’ll be pleased with. We give buyers guarantees of privacy safety and complete protect of their personal information, which won’t be sold or passed to third hands for any purpose, except delivery.