The Lawsuit filed by Prince Harry and Megan explained

The Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Megan used to be in the headlines. However, last they gave a storming entry when they publicly announced the intention of a major lawsuit on the press. It was very unusual for everyone. The matter was as much complicated as the Shakespeare drama or royal affair. Let’s dig out the matter behind the lawsuit by Prince Harry and Megan.

Who was actually sued?

A tabloid newspaper centered in England called ‘The Mail On Sunday’ gets sued. The reason for the lawsuit was a personal letter of Meghan which the newspaper published excerpts from in February 2019. Youcan smell it that the matter is not easy to go and complicated.

What was the letter all about?

The letter for which the newspaper was sued written by Megan to her father right after her marriage with Prince Harry. Megan’s father was not happy with the wedding and therefore, didn’t attend it. Apparently,it was told by a friend of Megan to ‘People Magazine’ that the letter was an attempt to sort out the conflict between her and her father.

But Megan’s father Thomas Merkle told the ‘Daily Mail’ that the letter was not loving to him and it hurts him a lot. It appeared to be a ‘Final Farewell’. He also released some pieces of the letter to Daily Mail in an attempt to clear his reputation.

Therefore, Prince Harry filed a lawsuit claiming that the letter pieces are part of a campaign against his wife.

What wrongs with the publication of a letter?

It’s not easy to understand that what was wrong in the publication of the pieces of a letter, which was given by Megan’s father to Daily Mail for publication. We can’t understand it better legally, the newspaper may have violated the U.K Data Protection Act 2018. According to this law, the permission of a writer is required to publish it.

The permission of Megan’s father was not enough to justify the publication of the excerpts of a letter. On the other hand, Harry publicly claimed that this act was both unlawful and deviated the public against her wife by the planned publication of selected paragraphs, singular words and even specific sentences by Daily Mail.

Why the lawsuit seems to be unusual?

The lawsuit seemed to be unusual, However, there is legal authentication according to the U.K Data Protection Act of 2018. But something felt to be fishy in it. The reason maybe is that the royal family of Prince Harry as a whole is very litigious, while Prince Harry and Megan were not. They were not involved in such a serious lawsuit before.

Maybe it’s a shift by the young couple to show how they are taking things seriously and how they can respond to such things in the future. So, that Press doesn’t cross the line.

How the lawsuit is related to Princess Diana

The question is why Prince Harry filed a lawsuit against the newspaper when it was released by his father in law. And why he hadn’t kept it private?

To get the answer we have to go in the past, where these tabloid newspaperstried to smash the reputation of Megan. In one of the statements of Harry, he mentioned his mother, Princess Diana. He said that “Ilost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.” Because her mother died in a car accident as the driver tried to avoid the paparazzi.

Wrapping Up

It seems like Prince Harry was facing a penetrating personal campaign of the tabloid newspapers for a long time. now when it comes to the breaching of a letter written by her wife Megan, he decided to act against all the so-called campaigns and propaganda.

Right after few days of the lawsuit against the parent company of Daily Mail.Harry also announces a lawsuit against the tabloid companies ‘The Sun’ and The ‘Daily Mirror’ for hacking his phone.

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