The UnrevealedFacts About Queen Elizabeth II’s Marriage

It was announced on 20thDecember 2019 by Buckingham Palace that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II’s 98 years old husband Prince Philip was admitted to the hospital due to ‘pre-existing conditions’.  Prince Philip spends four consecutive days at King Edvard VII hospital. It was reported that Prince Philip was hospitalized as a precaution to his health conditions.

It was also reported that he walked by himself into the hospital and was not brought by an ambulance. This precautionary hospitalization of Prince Philip catches the attention of the world and reminds the wonderful history of his marriage with Queen Elizabeth II. They had celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in November 2019.

Besides all the chaotic conditions they faced every situation from prevailing world war to scandalous family dealings, financial ruins and even Buckingham Palace catching fire. The couple never seems to be on different pages, which makes their marriage more special. Here is the real story of their marriage.

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II are distant relatives

The couple is distant relative, twice over through two separate lines. Thanks to the complicated and mix up intermarriages of Victoria’s nine children with other crowned families of Europe. Everyone in the royal family has some relation to everyone else.

The couple is the third cousin by the descent of Victoria and Albert. While once removed, they are the second cousin through Christian IX of Denmark and Louise of Hesse-Kassel.

The beginning of Elizabeth II’s Love Story

Prince Phillip and Elizabeth have an age difference of 5 years. But that doesn’t matter now except the fact it was a bit of a problem for them. Elizabeth first met with Philip when she was 8 years old and Philip was 13 years old in 1934 wedding of Elizabeth’s uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent with Philip’s cousin, Princess Maria of Greece and Denmark.

They met for the second time in 1937 and then met for the third time in 1939. In the third meeting, Elizabeth was 13 and Philip was 18. Elizabeth instantly fell in love with him. It was a mere beginning of their love story. They started to write letters to each other, and the courtship lasted for seven years.Furthermore, they got secretly engaged, when Elizabeth was 20.

Prince Philip was not fit in the eyes of Elizabeth II’s Parents

Mariage de la princesse Elizabeth et de Lord Mountbatten, au Royaume-Uni en 1947. (Photo by KEYSTONE-FRANCE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Elizabeth’s parents were not happy with Prince Philip and did not approve of him to be a consort of the future Queen. The reasons were somehow obvious, the number reason was the age of Prince Philip. While the second reason was not having enough titles and reputation. Elizabeth’s Father King George did his best to delay the engagement.

He asked Philip to delay the engagement till 1947 until Elizabeth don’t turn to 21. Moreover, he also sent Elizabeth on a long tour of South Africa before the announcement of the engagement, just to separate the pair. It was maybe to change her mind. But Elizabeth proves thatreal love never changes. She wassure about her love.

The couple don’t share a bedroom and rarely holds hand in public

Since their early marriage, they don’t share a bedroom, although, it is a fact that their bedrooms were connected. Despite being on the same page and affection for each other, they rarely hold hands of each other in public.

And there was a time when one has to stay to perform royal duties, while the other one went for holidays. But even separate their hearts were close to each other.

Wrapping Up

Someone has truly said that “true love always finds its way”. Prince Philip and Elizabeth II made 72 years with each other, despite having great resistance from Elizabeth’s side. They never give up on each other.

In 2017, Prince Philip receded from public and 2018, He had a hip replacement surgery. A controversial story came into existence when Philip crashed his Land Rover and injured two other people in the car. Nevertheless, all were safely recovered. While Queen Elizabeth II still in the spotlight.

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