Why Americans Chooses Melania Trump one of the most admirable women?

There might be a big question in the minds of people, who are maybe Americans or not, that why Americans always choose the wife of current President Donald Trump to be the most admirable woman of America. Every year, Americans are poll by Gallop to choose the most admirable women of America.

Gallop revealed in December 2019 that Melania Trump is once again chosen as one of the most admired women of 2019. You might be wondering, what are the qualities, which makes Melania Trump so admirable among Americans. Here is the list of qualities, which makes her so much admirable.

1.    She is a caring mother   

When Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, he moved to the White House. But Melania didn’t move with him. She continues to live in the Trump Tower in New York. The critics criticized her for being separated from Donald Trump. And her relationship with Trump becomes suspicious.

However, the actual reason behind still living in Trump Tower was the schooling of Barron Trump. Melania wanted her son Barron to complete his school year. It clearly shows the Melania isdedicated, who carefully takesdecision for her family.

2.    Melania is asympathetic woman

One of the pieces of Melania’s sympathetic nature was seen when there was a student listening session held at the White House in 2018. A boy accidentally split the water on the rug in front of her. The boy just freaked out! And become worried and puzzled, after all, he has split the water in front of a first lady.

Melania Trump once again showed her kindness and said “No problem. Don’t worry. It’s just water, okay? No worry at all. It happens”. She reassured him that, it not a big deal and happens with everyone.

3.    Her ‘Be Best’ Campaign Against Bullying

One of the prominent reasons behind Melania’s admiration is her natural quality of seeing the prevailing issues in the society. She understands it very well that, how theself-confidenceand self-esteem of a child can be affected through bullying. Therefore, She started a campaign with the name ‘Be Best’ to help out such children who are facing bullying.

4.    Spreading Awareness About Opioid Crisis

Another motive behind the ‘Be Best’ Campaign initiated by Melania was to help the children to fight against the opioid crisis in America. Melania was very much concerned when she heard about heartbreaking stories after meeting many families. In March2019, she said that she has visited many hospitals and facilities who are helping people to get rid of drug addiction.

She also went on a solo trip to Capitol Hill in 2019 and spoke on the behalf of opioid addicts, which are facilitated by the Federal Government to improve their access to necessary treatments.

5.    She is a true Fashion Icon

Now there is no second that Melania Trump is a true fashion icon. It feels like she is addicted to it. When someone talks about fashion icons. It doesn’t mean to look good and dress in new clothes. She is the lady who triesout the latest fashion catalogs available to keep her fashion taste upfront.

However, Melania was criticized for some of her fancy outfits. But it seems like she is not very much concerned about it. And continue to her fashion icon legacy

Wrapping Up

Melania Trump is no doubt, a lady who deserves to be praised. Although her husband is not praised by most of the American, it’s a fact, that Americans have huge respect for the first lady. The reasons are obvious. Americans see her as a role model for women who is more dedicated to her family and at least trying to give back to society with her kindness and good heart.

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